Microvascular Circulation

The Microcirculation is where everything takes place:  Fluid exchange, oxygen delivery and CO2 exchange, nutrient delivery, hormone delivery, waste and lactic acid removal, the immune response, even temperature regulation. Everything takes place in the microcirculation!

74% of the circulation is in the microvasculature, and until now, we had absolutely no way to control or enhance the delivery of essential metabolic products through the 74,000 miles of vessels.

The microcirculation has been shown to be impaired with aging, inflammation, injury, and illness, causing or exacerbating a host of symptoms.

The body is amazingly able to heal itself given the opportunity.

Since the 70’s, studies in Europe and the US have demonstrated the tremendously beneficial effects of  increasing the microcirculatory blood flow on the natural healing capabilities of the body.

The ability to positively impact the microcirculation by stimulating vasomotion, (the spontaneous oscillation in tone of blood vessel walls independent of heart beat, innervation or respiration), is demonstrated in this video:

This technology has become the standard of care in Germany for many diseases and injuries that can be profoundly impacted with increased nutrient and oxygen delivery.  The FDA approved medical device, which has been scientifically demonstrated to improve microcirculation, and to supplement the body’s capacity to heal, has just recently been introduced to the US.  It has FDA level two clearance based on exhaustive research, and has been adapted by NASA for use to improve microcirculation and reduce vision loss during space travel.

Dr. Rainer Klopp, of the Institute for Microcirculation in Berlin, who has been one of the principal investigators in Europe, appointed by the German government to research and improve this device, briefly explains this technology.

The Bemer is not a PEMF device.  Rather, it transmits a patented electrical signal to the microvasculature, which is recognized as information.  This information exactly duplicates the intrinsic electrical signal that is produced by the vessels themselves.  This signal then “tells” the vessel to increase vasomotion, which in turn, increases blood flow and circulation, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the areas of the body that have been rendered hypoxic due to aging, injury, inflammation, or disease.

Look once more at the amazing increase in the Microcirculation after the Bemer has been applied:

The Bemer does not treat any disease, rather a physiologic condition, namely impaired microcirculation.  It does this by stimulating vasomotion in the microvasculature.

Only good, functional circulation ensures proper supply of nutrients and oxygen as well as proper waste removal within the body.

This is fundamental for all metabolic processes. On this basis, it is clear what a critical role the circulatory system plays in overall health and well-being.

The Bemer enhances:
General blood flow
The body’s nutrient and oxygen supply and waste disposal
Cardiac function
Physical fitness, endurance,
Strength and energy
Concentration, mental acuity,
Stress reduction and relaxation
Sleep management


The Menu provides additional and supportive information.  For a quick and easy summary of what the Bemer is and what it does, see Bemer Physical Vascular Therapy.

“The one thing about vasomotion, it increases the oxygen delivery through the micro circulation.  I think that’s irrefutable, and that’s a solid fact”

…Dr. Robert Chesne MD FACC board certified Internal Medicine and Cardiology