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Frequently Asked Questions on BEMER Therapy / Application / Technology 


  1. Basic Statements

  2. Usage Questions

  3. Technical and Physical Questions

  4. From Unspecific Electromagnetic Field Therapy to Targeted BEMER 

  5. BEMER and Sports 

This FAQ list does not replace personal training by a BEMER expert or a thorough review of the operating instructions. Please read the operating instructions before the first use. This information was compiled with the greatest diligence and represents the current state of knowledge regarding this product and its application. Because science is subject to constant change and new or further knowledge can lead to changes in the system or application, only the most recent version of this publication should be used as a guide.

This information must under no circumstances be viewed as a replacement for professional advice or treatment by a trained and approved doctor. The contents of this publication must not be used for self-diagnosis or treatment. The information presented here is solely for the purpose of general further training and is neutral information. It does not constitute a recommendation or application of the diagnostic methods, treatments or medicinal products that are referred to.

The publication asserts no claim of completeness, nor can the accuracy or balance of the information presented here be guaranteed. The publication does not in any way replace the professional advice of a doctor or healthcare provider and must not be used as the basis for self-diagnosis or the start or end of, or change to, the treatment of an illness. Always consult a trusted doctor for any health-related questions or in the event of any medical conditions.


  1. Basic Statements

    1. How can the nature of BEMER therapy be briefly explained?

      BEMER is designed to improve circulation thereby supporting the body’s natural self-regulating processes. Blood is the body’s universal means of transport. Oxygen, nutrients, chemical messengers (e.g. hormones) and immune cells etc. are all transported through our blood. Only when all of our body’s cells, tissues and organs are adequately nourished and all metabolic waste products removed, can we be healthy and productive and our body function properly. The optimal regulation of circulation is a prerequisite for ensuring good levels of health and fitness.

    2. What does circulation mean?

      Circulation involves the whole body, from the largest vessels to the smallest. This is the level (capillaries) where it is crucial to maintain the exchange of nutrients and oxygen and the removal of metabolic waste products such as carbon dioxide, which accumulate as a result of normal cellular function. We have a huge network of extremely small blood vessels in our body, some of which are four times thinner than a strand of hair. These beds of small vessels surround all organs and tissues in the body and are vital to cellular function.

    3. Why is proper circulation so important for a person’s wellbeing and physical performance?

      Scientific findings confirm that correctly functioning circulation is of crucial importance in ensuring a person’s wellbeing and physical performance. In all advanced organisms, blood circulation regulates the nourishment of cells with oxygen and nutrients, the removal of waste products and many other processes.

    4. Can the BEMER therapy cure diseases?

      BEMER is not a disease-specific application. Its effect on the circulation and the resulting improvements to the supply and removal of substances to/from the body’s cells allows these cells to produce and supply increasing amounts of energy, and therefore carry out their tasks (production) in a more functional manner. 

    5. Have scientific studies been conducted on BEMER?

      Yes. Over the past 15 years, BEMER has been scientifically studied from a number of perspectives and results published. Please check out

    6. Why is BEMER being increasingly recommended by doctors?

      Because it supports diverse, natural self-regulating mechanisms (therefore broad efficacy spectrum).

      Because there is no evidence of any dangerous side effects after long-term use.

      Because it can be easily combined with all other treatment methods.

      It is also especially suitable for the support of conventional medical therapies.

      Because its effects are scientifically proven.

      Because its mode of action is grounded in practice and theory and has been tried and tested over a long period of practical application.

      The BEMER technology and the BEMER Pro/Classic systems are tested and registered as medical devices. They are equally suited for both medical professionals and for home use by the end user.

    7. Can I use the BEMER with metal implants, or should I consult my doctor first?

      Because of the low intensity of the magnetic field used to transmit the typical BEMER signals, the BEMER can be used with all metal implants (e.g. surgical screws, discs, suture clips, etc.).

    8. Can BEMER be used by people with electronic implants?

      The electromagnetic fields used in BEMER technology cannot cause any faults to pacemakers or defibrillators, provided that the implant complies with European standard 45502-x for these implants and that the doctor uses the device correctly. [Report by Dr. Lampadius (10/25/2012).] However, you should check with the manufacturer of the implantable device to confirm that it will not be adversely affected by the electromagnetic field the BEMER emits. The maximum average flux density (intensity) of BEMER on its highest output level is 150 microTesla. 

    9. Are there any side effects of using BEMER Therapy?

      Side effects are understood as undesirable accompanying effects such as allergies, bleeding, etc. To date, no dangerous side effects have been detected with long-term application.

    10. Is BEMER recognized in conventional medicine?

      BEMER already forms part of conventional medicine as a complementary application. It is currently accepted by specialist medical bodies and is a key topic in medical working groups and a current object of research in a number of universities.

    11. Is BEMER paid for by health insurance funds?

      BEMER is not covered by health insurance. Many private health insurers have some plans for complementary medical treatments. As a result, the assumption of costs for BEMER differs between private health insurers.

    12. What is the attitude of doctors towards BEMER?

      Doctors are increasingly opting for “integrative medicine”. In this respect, BEMER is very widely accepted. Doctors and clinicians alike use BEMER in private practice as an adjunct therapeutic modality to complement conventional treatments.


  2. Usage Questions

    1. How is BEMER applied?

      The therapy is carried out using the whole-body application module B.BODY following a predetermined usage plan, which can improve the general circulation and the overall energy state if used daily on an ongoing basis. The twice-daily application of the BEMER following the outlined basic plan is the fundamental basis and cornerstone for systemic support to our circulation.

      For local applications, there are the special additional application modules B.SPOT, B.PAD, and B.SIT. For applications related to the skin, there is the “light application module” B.LIGHT, which can be used complementary to the B.BODY application module. The BEMER can be applied twice daily either in a professional setting or at home.

    2. Why are there different application modules in the BEMER pro and classic set?

      There are two aspects to the application of BEMER:

      1. The basis of all BEMER usage: application of the whole-body module (B.BODY) together with the basic plan for the general improvement of blood circulation and all other specified effects.

      2. Supporting the general application and all effects through additional local stimulation in affected body regions with the B.SPOT (relatively limited area), B.PAD (larger area), and/or B.SIT (comfort cushion).


    3. What is the basic plan?

      The basic plan has been consistently adapted and optimized based on years of experience and taking into account device technologies as well as continuous user feedback. The basic plan constitutes the manufacturer’s fundamental usage recommendations, and is the basis for optimal application of BEMER Therapy.

    4. How soon can results be expected?

      Improvement in overall circulation occurs with each application and the results are cumulative. The first noticeable improvements may be detected within in a very short time of use for an individual who is in moderate to good health and longer (4-6 weeks) for those users whom are more metabolically challenged with more chronic health concerns. The BEMER is most effective when the basic plan is followed consistently and regularly.

    5. How long do application results last?

      BEMER Therapy is recommended as a long-term application. The positive effects of BEMER Therapy last for a long period of time, but this depends fundamentally on the individual lifestyle of the user. The average user can expect a single application to last half a day or more. 

    6. What does BEMER feel like?

      The perception of the BEMER application differs from user to user. Some users experience a light feeling of warmth or a tingling sensation. Most feel noticeably relaxed and invigorated after the application.

    7. What is the best way to ensure BEMER Therapy works optimally?

      Drink a sufficient amount of non-carbonated water in order to maintain an optimal fluid level.

      Eat a balanced and nutritious diet. Avoid alcohol and nicotine or keep consumption to a minimum, in order to avoid inflicting stress on the body.

      Carry out as much outdoor activity as possible, without putting excess strain on the body.

    8. Does BEMER therapy work with my prescriptions and supplements?

      As a preventative measure, BEMER serves to strengthen the body and improve the body’s innate self-regulating mechanisms. It never replaces a conventional medicinal therapy prescribed by a doctor, but in optimal cases could lead to a reduction in the dosage of prescribed medication.


  3. Technical and Physical Questions

    1. What is BEMER?

      The working mechanism of BEMER consists of the transmission of a patented multi-dimensionally configured signal (waveform). This unique signal is transmitted into the body via an electromagnetic field, meaning that it is the BEMER signal and not the electromagnetic field that acts as the “agent” that stimulates the circulatory response.

    2. What are electromagnetic fields?

      Electromagnetic fields arise as a result of electromagnetic interaction.

      In general, wherever ions or electrons are moving, i.e. where electricity is flowing, a magnetic field arises perpendicular to the flow direction. This magnetic field in turn acts on electrically charged particles.

    3. So does electricity flow into or through my body?

      No. The device is subject to appropriate approvals in terms of the electrical safety of medical devices.

    4. Why does a magnetic field permeate the human body?

      Because they diffuse at the speed of light, low frequency pulsating magnetic fields used in magnetic field therapy have wavelengths of thousands of kilometers in length. Due to these very long wavelengths, they permeate all matter, including the human body. However, an electromagnetic field weakens very quickly with increased distance, losing intensity.

    5. Can I overuse the BEMER therapy and harm my body?

      The BEMER supports the body’s natural regulating mechanisms. However, it is important to follow the recommended Basic Plan as outlined in the user manual to ensure that the appropriate levels are being used in order to strengthen the body’s own regulating mechanisms. The intensity levels used are based on the desired depth of penetration and are not necessarily reflective of the overall effect of BEMER Therapy.


  4. From Unspecific Electromagnetic Field Therapy to Targeted BEMER

    BEMER is currently the most developed form of application of electromagnetic fields that is based on conventional medical theory and that has scientifically proven effects. The unique impulse of BEMER is patent-protected and is characterized by its wide frequency system in comparison with all other types of applied impulses.

    The electromagnetic field serves only as a carrier substance and transmitter for the BEMER signal, which is responsible for the effects within the body.

    1. What is unique about BEMER?

      The uniqueness of BEMER lies in its signal and its configuration. The signal leads to scientifically grounded stimulation of the smallest vessels supporting the circulatory system as a whole.

    2. What does the plus signal mean?

      This plus signal, which is integrated into the normal base signal, enables the individual to use the BEMER application to perform additional stimulation.

      Ongoing research and further development of the BEMER PRO/CLASSIC SET has made it possible to use the plus signal continuously with all application modules.

    3. Can I switch the plus signal off?

      Yes, on the BEMER PRO/CLASSIC SETS the plus signal can be easily switched on and off by pressing a designated button.

    4. At what flux density (intensity) does BEMER operate?

      The whole-body application module B.BODY reaches a maximum average flux density of between 35 and 50 μT (microtesla); all other application modules (B.SPOT, B.PAD, B.SIT) have a

      maximum average flux density of between 100 and 150 μT (values with and without the plus signal respectively). 

    5. What does an application module do?

      The intensity of an electromagnetic field is defined according to two measurements: the strength of the flowing current and the number of windings in the coil. This means that with equal current strength, the flux density of the electromagnetic field depends on the number of windings in the coil. For BEMER, there are two different types of coils; those used in the weaker whole-body application module (B.BODY) and those used in the stronger application modules (B.SPOT, B.PAD, and B.SIT). The current strength is regulated via the 10 Intensity Levels, or with three Programs, to reach the flux densities mentioned above.

    6. At what voltage does BEMER operate?

      The device operates with a 12–15 volt direct current. This is generated via an external power adapter with a mains connection (100–240 volt alternating current) or with the supplied battery. The device is electrically isolated from the electric circuit.

    7. How is the whole-body application module B.Body constructed?

      Four disc coils (upper torso) and two oval shaped coils (lower extremities) are integrated into the whole-body application module (B.BODY). When a current flows through these coils,

      an electromagnetic field is generated perpendicular to the flow direction of the current. Every BEMER system generates a pulsating field in this way (see BEMER impulse). Depending on the level selected on the control device, the intensity of the field (flux density) has an average value of between 3.5 and 35 μT (microtesla) without the plus signal and up to 50 μT with the plus signal activated (B.BODY).

    8. What is the B.PAD and how can I use it?

      The B.PAD is a flexible, long and narrow coil element with three integrated coils. Thanks to its flexible structure, the B.PAD can be wound around a joint or along the spinal column, or laid upon an arm or a leg as needed. Its length means that large sections of the body can also be stimulated at the same time, and its flexible and compact design means that it can easily be transported with the control unit when mobility is desired. 

    9. My control unit is showing error messages (with or without a recognized cause), what should I do?

      Our devices undergo a strict and comprehensive quality control inspection before delivery. If an unexpected error message appears, please refer to the user manual. If the error message remains unresolved, please consult your trusted BEMER business partner or the BEMER Int. AG technical service hotline immediately (see manual). Refrain from any further applications with BEMER until the problem has been rectified. If there is visible damage (slackening of the adapter, failed LED, etc.) to the application module (B.BODY, B.PAD, B.SPOT, B.SIT or B.LIGHT) or to the control unit or cable, please refrain from any further applications using this module and contact your trusted BEMER business partner or the BEMER Int. AG technical service hotline immediately (see manual).

    10. What is the B.LIGHT used for?

      The B.LIGHT is only suitable for applications that are superficial in nature. The penetration of the LED red light (660 nm) is limited in depth and dependent on parameters such as skin color.

    11. Can the light from the B.LIGHT be compared with conventional red lights or with the other forms of light therapy already available on the market (comfort lights, etc.)?

      The B.LIGHT works with a non-coherent and monochromatic (i.e. very pure) red light with only one wavelength (660 nm), which is generated by light emitting diodes (LEDs). Contrary to mixed light, this light is a cold light, and its effects are primarily based on photo-biological/ chemical reactions. This process is known as photo-oxidation.

    12. How does it differ from a red light laser?

      A laser is monochromatic (pure light of only one wavelength) and coherent (in phase). The light of B.LIGHT is an LED (light emitting diode) and is monochromatic and not coherent.

    13. What safety requirements are there for the B.LIGHT application module?

      The LEDs used in the application comply with the requirements of DIN EN 62471. The LEDs are maintenance-free. 

    14. How do I apply the B.LIGHT?

      For precise information on the application of the B.LIGHT, please refer to the manual or consult your trusted BEMER partner or the BEMER Int. AG user support.

    15. According to the user information, certain diseases should only be treated by a doctor who is familiar with bemer. Why is this?

      This notification is used primarily to protect the user and has no direct connection with the efficacy of BEMER.

      The following diseases fall into this category:

      Unexplained fever:

      A fever is actually not a disease but rather a defensive reaction. The cause of a fever must generally be identified by a doctor, because a fever is the body’s usual response to infections. The doctor will then decide if and how BEMER will be used.

      Severe cardiac arrhythmias:

      Severe cardiac arrhythmias can be life-threatening. First, the cause of the cardiac arrhythmias must be identified by a doctor. If the cause is a deficiency of certain minerals, these should be introduced prior to the application of BEMER, as otherwise the symptoms could worsen with the application of BEMER. Essentially, BEMER has a stabilizing effect on the cardiac rhythm. However, fear of the electromagnetic field can present a barrier to therapy, and may have undesired effects. Therefore, we recommend that the initial applications of BEMER be performed under a doctor’s supervision in the case of sever cardiac arrhthmias.

      Major Aneurysms:

      An aneurysm refers to a protrusion of a blood vessel as a result of vessel wall damage or disease. Badly damaged blood vessels can burst at any time and cause fatal internal bleeding. Since blood pressure can decrease under the influence of BEMER (if used correctly), this can alleviate the strain on the vessel wall. In the best case scenario, the probability that a blood vessel will burst can be minimized. BEMER has a stabilizing effect on the vessel wall in the long term. In particular, fear of the electromagnetic field can present a barrier to therapy and blood pressure may even rise temporarily. Therefore, for the safety of the patient, we recommend that the initial applications be performed under a doctor’s supervision who can reassure the patient and eliminate his or her fear.

      Non-pharmaceutically-compensated seizure disorders:

      If these seizures (especially epilepsy and schizophrenia) cannot be compensated by medications, we recommend that BEMER applications be performed under a doctor’s supervision for the safety of the patient.


  5. BEMER and Sports

    1. What influence will the application of BEMER have on my endurance?

      Because of enhanced general blood flow with regular application of BEMER Therapy, one can train more (increased scope and better ability to cope with intensive sessions), so that your endurance increases with more frequent training sessions at correct training intensities.

    2. I have muscular tension. Can I use BEMER for this condition?

      Yes, apply the basic plan with the whole-body application module (B.BODY) and the local application module B.SPOT, B.PAD or B.SIT with P1, P2, or P3 directly to the affected area.

    3. Which level should I select after an intensive stamina training session or competition? Is there a difference in recovery after strength training?

      Given theoretical considerations, using level 3 with the B.BODY after all intensive training sessions (including strength training) is the most sensible option. Higher intensities can be used before training sessions or competitions.

    4. Does BEMER replace a sports massage?

      No. However, those who use the BEMER regularly require fewer massages, because by using BEMER they positively influence the body’s metabolism.

    5. After a sports injury I attempt to minimize the swelling. BEMER improves blood circulation. Will the swelling increase as a result?

      No. BEMER supports the body’s own processes, i.e. an improvement in blood circulation must not be mistaken for an increase in bleeding from a wound (vessel). BEMER ensures optimization of the physiological processes.

      With injuries, it is best to apply the B.SPOT or B.PAD locally as quickly as possible and, in this case, to repeat the applications several times one after the other according to individual tolerance. Aside from these repeat applications, the twice-daily application of the whole-body application module as basic therapy should continue. 

    6. Is BEMER a legal means of performance enhancement, or could it be said that it is a form of doping?

      Because BEMER only supports the body’s own processes without the addition of any kind of substance, it doesn’t count as doping. A performance enhancement is possible, but only with qualitatively good training.

    7. Who should I contact for the following questions?

      1. General questions

        BEMER Partners, your Team Manager and operating instructions

      2. Application questions

        BEMER Partners, your Team Manager, BEMER user hotline, reference doctors

      3. Technical questions

        BEMER Partners, BEMER Int. AG Triesen technical service hotline

      4. Scientific questions

        BEMER Int. AG or BEMER America Expert Center


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