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Some PDF files of the research and Studies done to date, mostly in Europe

First, just a very brief summary of the science before the PDF menu.

1. The brain is electrical; we can measure an EEG and perform electroshock therapy for depression.

2. The heart is electrical, we can measure an ECG and perform electrical cardioversion.

3. The nervous system and muscular system are electrical; we can measure electromyography and electrical evoked potentials and use TENS and neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

4. The vascular system is also electrical and is also responsive to electrical stimuli. But this has not been able to be demonstrated until recently.

Of course there is smooth muscle in the larger arterioles, and vasodilation and constriction could be explained. But no one could understand how and why the microvasculature could dilate and constrict other than because of oxygen demand.

The medical dilemma was that when the oxygen was needed the most, in times of injury or illness and especially in diabetics, the vessels would not dilate to the extent needed to heal or prevent further injury.

It was known that nitric oxide stimulated the microvasculature to dilate, and had an effect on the thickness of the glycocalyx (the glycoprotein-polysaccharide lining of the vessels). This could be demonstrated in vitro and in vivo, but no one understood how or why the nitric oxide was released. This is what drove the research in the US and Europe.

Dr. Klopp and other researchers discovered and were able to measure and duplicate an electrical signal that was intrinsic to those vessels. The signal was information that the vessels recognized, and in response released nitric oxide, which caused dilation, thinning of the internal glycocaylx, and increased vasomotion  (the spontaneous oscillation in tone of blood vessel walls independent of heart beat, innervation or respiration.)

The Bemer is just a machine that produces that same measurable signal.  The signal is transmitted to the body, the microvasculature recognizes that signal as information, stimulates vasomotion, the dilation of the vessels, thins the glycocaylx, and increases micro-circulation, which promotes the increased partial pressures of oxygen, increased perfusion and diffusion into the tissues, and increased waste removal, and thus the symptom relief and healing of the previously underperfused tissues.


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